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Window Tinting Sydney

Did you know that window film is one product that starts working for you the minute itís installed? Custom Glass Tinting specializes in window tinting Sydney offering many benefits to the customers. From heat rejection, UV protection, to maintaining privacy, our window films offer far more than just looks. Specializing in the supply of high quality window films, we ensure that our clients are always satisfied. With a great deal of experience in installing window films, Custom Glass Tinting offer wide range of services to both residential and commercial properties.

Installing window film is easy and fast as it is applied to the interior side of your windows. Deflecting Ultra Violet rays is the primary purpose of Window tint Sydney which would otherwise cause detrimental hazard to your skin. About 99% of the UV rays are blocked by window tints thus protecting your home and body from vicious rays. Our skilled installers guarantee bubble free and precise window tinting enhancing the beauty of your interiors.

Think about the damages caused by excess exposure of sunlight to the interior of your house. From fading carpets, furniture and drapes to damaging electronic and digital items, the aftermaths are many. Our expert technicians proficiently install window tint Sydney which passively reflect and absorb up to 70% of incoming solar heat from entering your house.

Keep the cool inside your home during harsh summer days without switching on the air conditioners! Window films decreases the heat coming in from outside offering an air conditioned effect inside. With its insulating effect, the films keep in the heat during winter thus decreasing your electric bill drastically. Ensuring privacy during the day time, our window tints also make your home look better from the outside.

Our Services

Glass Tinting Sydney

Go the green way by saving energy with Glass tinting Sydney! With Custom Glass Tinting, you can save on your electricity bills and also ensure your privacy. Make your home a lot more appealing with having tints installed to your windows. From toned glass to coated glasses, we provide a range of specification for manipulating solar performance as well as reducing transparency effect. Fade protection, insulation performance, dual reflectivity and safety protection are some of the added perks with Glass protection Sydney.

Through ordinary glass windows, solar energy finds its way inside buildings in the form of radiated heat, light and glare. With our experience and expertise, we install the accurate Sun protection Sydney films that rejects a substantial percentage of solar heat at the same time allowing certain amount of light to pass through. Thus thermal comfort is ensured meeting the parameters set by Health and Safety Legislation.

Being a terrible insulator, glass windows heat up your homes awfully, forcing you to put on the air conditioners all the time. On the other hand, during winters, the glasses give a cooling effect downplaying all your heating efforts. Be it summer or winter, you are wasting a lot of energy on electricity. Ensure proper insulation of home by relying on our Glass tinting Sydney and whatís more, you are saving on energy bills too.

Here at Custom Glass Tinting, we offer high end commercial as well as residential Privacy glass Sydney services that improves the privacy and aesthetics of your buildings. Keeping energy preservation as our motto, we help our customers achieve the same. With tinted glass on place, you no longer have to bear with the annoying glare while watching TV or working in your computer.

Glass Security Sydney

Custom Glass Tinting offer a complete surface protection system for glazed and smooth surfaces that are vulnerable to damage or vandalism. Anti Graffiti Glass is designed to protect these surfaces from the costly wear, tear and graffiti type vandalism., assists in preventing the majority of unwanted scratches to any unprotected glass surface. They are so optically clear vandals can't see it Ė so they don't know it's there. They have special mounting adhesive makes it very easy for the professional CP Films Accredited Installer to remove and replace as and when unwanted damage occurs

4. Window Frosting Sydney

Adding charisma, style, privacy and contemporary edge to any room, Window frosting Sydney is the modern way to create an etched glass look for windows, door panels or any glass surface. When you need privacy without compromising light or have overlooking issues, frosted glass is your take. Our expert installers treat glass in a variety of ways to bring in the perfect solution for your home or office.

Being the most cost effective way of transforming plain glass into functional ones, window frosting Sydney are perfect for bathrooms, laundries or even outdoor areas. Applied directly to the existing glass, the frosted film is an easy to apply self adhesive vinyl that provides an etched glass appearance. Our frost glass film ensures absolute privacy even at nights with lights on.

From see through patterns to almost opaque ones, Window frosting Sydney comes in a variety of shades. Be it a lighting pattern, artistic shapes or captions, the possibilities with frosted films are endless. Apart from providing privacy and sufficient amount of light, frosted films can be designed into company signs and logo in the corporate scenarios thereby reinforcing the public image. With their long lasting effect, frosted films stay with your window and glass panes for as many years as you want.

With years of experience, the team here at Custom Glass Tinting understands your needs like no other. Our installation surpass expectations by adhering to safety features by providing clean, quick and modern treatment known for its versatility. Through our customized approach, you get to incorporate simple patterns or uniquely designed features from our extensive range of pre designed frosting styles. Striving to be prompt and courteous, our technicians provide expert onsite installation with complete professionalism.

Safety Glass Sydney/Security Glass Sydney

Your glass and windows pose the biggest threat to your safety be it your home, office or shops. But no more danger with Safety glass Sydney in place! Protecting retail, commercial and residential buildings from the dangers of flying glass, the safety window films are secure and easy to install. Our range of safety/security window films is an ideal solution for reducing the potential dangers of sliding doors, windows or partitions.

Easily installed to the interior of new or existing glass, glass security Sydney film forms an almost invisible shield that holds glass shards intact with its multi layered construction and molecular bond adhesive system. Once applied, the safety films held any shattered glass in place. Known for their tough and resilient nature, our safety films are the one of the best investments for any home or building. Compiling with AS 2208 and AS 1288 once fitted, the security window film reduces the risk of flying wrecks. Our staff are fully trained and qualified to install the safety glass Sydney exceeding your expectations.

Critical places like schools and public areas where human impact is at high risks should have the safety glasses installed necessarily. In case if a child falls into a glass door, the safety windows can reduce the risk of serious slashes. Being the most vulnerable parts of your homes and offices, windows and glass doors becomes easy accessible points for burglars and intruders. Our safety glasses are so durable that even with any heavy equipment it becomes almost impossible to break it and penetrate into your property. Buildings, jewelry shops, retails shop and similar places of interest can be effectively protected from break-ins using our security films.